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First night out in the wild.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 6:53 pm
by Greyson
While Dennings was out collecting firewood with Schmidt, Aydin was preparing fire pit. He dug out a square in the ground and added two small tunnels on the side of it for a proper airflow. He then gathered some grass from the riverbed, dried it in his with the help of his blue-palm-fire, and started filling the bottom of the pit with it. He knew he couldn't start the fire yet anyways because he needed the firewood so he grabbed some incense from his rucksack, put it between his lips and lit the tip with a snap of his fingers.
"Keeps the bugs away," he said to a seemingly curious Sophia. "The lack of monsters is... unnerving. The first time that I'm not feeling like a hunter out here, but rather like prey. We need to be on the lookout if we want to keep the upper hand I guess." Sophia grinned, shook her head and proceeded with putting up her tent.

While the sun was slowly setting, Aydin set down his equipment next to his tent, grabbed his weapon and shield and at down on a log and looked at the river. "I better make some adjustments to my sword while I'm out here," he thought.
While his sword was rather thin while in this form, Aydin could readjust the frame so it was more versatile as a sword. It did sacrifice the ability to switch to spear mode, but it allowed him to combine it with his sharp-edged shield to function as a battleax, almost like some Hunters could do with their "Charge Blades", rare technoswords that stored kinetic energy from attacks to release it in powerful explosions. Aydin's sword was not capable of doing that though, he always wanted to get one of those, but he never could afford one because of their rarity.

When Dennings returned with enough firewood to last through the night, Aydin stacked it in a small square tower in the firepit and lit the dried grass with his flat hand. All he could do now, before exclaiming that he would take first watch tonight, was to start preparing some of the food for the group.

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 7:18 pm
by Froggychum
Baled informed Martin of his discovery and his talk with Roland, Martin nodded in understanding the severity, Baled would tell them in the morning, he didn't want them to be worried tonight... they'd get no sleep.
Martin came over as he saw Aydin preparing a fire, he offered assistance, but wouldn't wait for conformation, he lit the fire very high and hot, he knew this would normally attract monsters but informed Aydin none would be showing up. He then used his limited earth magic as a forge mage to craft a ceramic pan from a clay deposit nearby, he quickly motioned together some sticks and made a basic oven to put food together on, and cook it too.
He left Aydin to do the cooking, everything he and his father ever made came out scorched. And charred food was an acquired taste, unless you were a forge mage, a love of burning came with the package (not an insane one though, that would be for a pyromaniac, which is a pyromancer mixed with a lunar-mage's corrupted and dark mind-breaching touch...)
Martin meanwhile hand-scorched some of his own food he'd brought along, Forge mages tended to have a fairly large appetite.. Probably from their dwarven origins far back in Ancient Times, before the Age of Humans...

Baled did what he could, he set up some more sentinels to guard from monsters, not too many to give Aydin, who he strongly assumed would offer the first guard for the night to not have a job for the night, or embarrass him for offering (he wasn't sure if someone as seemingly cool as Aydin could get embarrassed, but every precaution is taken with Baled when he can) but enough to make it that he wouldn't be doing much besides watching for failures in the posts
Of course Baled knew this task was fairly pointless, no monsters were around, and even if some rushed in the lack of leylines would surely drive them away, but the smell of easy prey might bring them back..

Baled also enchanted the sentinels with some sleep magic, not enough to make someone unwilling get knocked out, but plenty to help anyone struggling through the insomnia...He also cast a snore-mute and a smell-mute over the campsite, strong enough to ward off a normal beast with a hightened sense of sound or smell, but it could still be seen through.. or Baled supposed it could still be heard or smelled through.. illusions were weird, especially sensory ones rather than mentally-impairing ones... god Baled knew a few spells he didn't like to accept he had put the time into learning, he didn't think he could ever cast something so... ruthless on someone...

Baled was having a hard time sleeping now, so he laid down and let the sleep spell do it's course (after dinner of course), he went to sleep thinking of his favorite tail from the Legend Times (between Age of Humans and Ancient Times), the story of Ba-Led, the legend he was named after...

Baled sleeps.

First night out in the wild - Firewatch

PostPosted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 9:11 pm
by Greyson
Aydin was seemingly confused when Martin stepped in and cast a flame spell at the small fire he had already started and turned it almost into a small bonfire. "So much for conserving the firewood, until I'm done preparing the soup," he thought.

When he turned around to get his steel cooking pot and the seasoning from his backpack, he noticed that Baled had started creating cooking tools from the environment. "Mages." he thought, "no respect for the basic way of things... Oh well, at least I won't have to wash out my gear then. He means well after all."

Aydin was hesitant to work with Baled magical cooking utensils but he figured that there was no point in arguing about things like that. "Last thing we need out here is us arguing about camping basics." he thought. He went ahead and prepared a meat and vegetable stew, which was the Vanguards specialty and one of the first outdoor recipes they learn, and put the cooking pot next to the flame to let it simmer.

While the stew was cooking, Aydin noticed that Baled was setting-up wards, that should protect the camp from monsters; Sophia was setting up her hammock in between some trees near the river; Denning was hanging out with Hans, Zimmer and their wolf, still trying to persuade them to allow him to pet it.

He couldn't see Jacob and Sir Roland, but they probably were around, and even if not, they could handle themselves, he thought.
Schmidt was busy with his mortar and pestle in his well-made self-build lean-to, grinding down some of the herbs and other plants he collected. Aydin could tell from the smell that he was adding sulfur and saltpeter. From that alone, Aydin figured that he must be building some kind of bombs. "That explains why he's sitting so far away from the fire."

Aydin proceeded to watch his stew (and to add some spices during the cooking procedure). When it was done, he called everyone over and told them to bring their field cutlery along. He prepared a ladle, stirred the stew, and gave everyone with a field cutlery some of the stew. "We'll need a firewatch tonight. To make sure the fire keeps burning. I'm going to do first watch and I can go for about 4 hours before I want to get some rest too, so if one of you would take over a shift as well, then that would be incredibly nice of you. Not forcing anyone of course."

The sun had already gone down, and the moon was the only giving off so much light. Aydin was glad that he put up some standing torches around the camp. It gave the team the advantage of actually being able to see things in and around the camp without stumbling over each other.

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:42 am
by Froggychum
((To be clear, Martin set up the fire , and Baled did the other stuff..))

Martin listened to Aydin address everyone, he decided not to embarrass Aydin by telling him the fire would not be going out at all, probably not for weeks, years if Martin checked it every couple of months... Forgefire is more controlled than a regular fire...

Martin told Baled about this, and he sneakily cast a spell on the fire by making it give off insomnia pheromones, he took careful work to make sure these would not fight with the sentinels he had set up...

Once he was done, him and Martin shared a knowing moment that one of them would watch for their group, as to look useful, but it would not be Baled... Baled would be 10x more useful asleep.. Baled cast himself asleep with a learning spell, and Martin offered to take the shift after Aydin. He slept down and fell asleep, awakening only when the fire became unattended (even before Aydin would awaken him, Martin was connected to his fire and the second someone left their post, Martin would awaken fully sleeped and ready.)

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 19, 2018 5:56 pm
by TheDudeManJohn
(just watch it of the rules of this stuff is.....if someone makes it/ does it cant just ignore it and do it yourself or change it.....that stuff causes conflicts between players......talking from experience....the fire is a VERY small part of this dont get hung up on that stuff.....thats all,..... IDC at all lol so dont let lil things bother u guys either.....and just remember those rules posted and the brief run down i stickyed at the top..reread if yah gotta)

Sir Roland had stood looking in the direction of their destination with Jacob beside him for sometime out on the far edge of the camp......he almost seemed to lose himself standing there....time flew by un aware to him......Jacob even told him he would be back he wanted to go scout a head and scavenge the woods a bit.....Jacob was a lil upset about the lack of animals......because thats.....kinda what he was banking on for his food source.....with his hightened sight and ears and the fact he doesnt have to hide his full speed while out alone scouting....he ventured much further than those gathering wood or the patrol sentinels would go.....Jacob found no animals....not even small mice or rabbits....or any other weird lil creatures.....he had to settle for berries a few nuts and the big ripe fruits.....look like pineapples with a purple dont need to open it....Jacob just takes big ole bites.....he was gone for awhile and came back to a setup was easily spotted, stood out and bright as hell......Jacob figured he would have to let Roland know to teach them how to hide their camp better.....but figured it need not be worried about tonight.....they are still to close to Stalwart and it seems the creatures in this area have a atleast a day or twos march worth ahead of Roland and Jacobs team......

Roland never took his armor off.....and continued to just stand looking out over the Jungle.......obviously something big on his mind.....after what seemed like hours.....he takes a deep breath....stretches.....and turns to look at the camp....he was almost surprised that it was setup so fast.......then realizing he had probably been just standing there for quite a large amount of time.....he pulled out the charm hanging around his neck....very magical as well.....Roland is still not sure what all it did.....but he know he felt at peace and calm....and all fear was gone from wearing it.......he knew Baled father had one exactly the same.......he had been spending this time trying to remember back to all those years ago.....what else was said about these charms.....he knew the two charms were connected.....but damn he couldnt remember how to activate or call on its power....."there was a damn word i had to say.....what was it?......or was it a phrase???....bah!" he put it back under his shirt and armor and walked back to the camp....and just sat quietly down by the fire.....he grabs some of the prepared food and gets a few of his trail rations out.....he ate for awhile and after eating.....Roland reached into his bag and pulled out a wooden flute of some sort......and began to just play a song from his Hunter days.....the sound soft and soothing.....the melody of the song sounding like almost a soft sad love ballad.....

Jacob had ate out in the Wild when he returned he found Roland and mentioned something about the blatantly obvious camp.....and then went to the hunter Aydin and informed him he would be taking last watch and that even though everyone was still up and eating....he was going to go ahead and get some sleep.......and everyone then watches him walk out of the camp.....a few yards into the jungle....jumps up and climbs a tree......a thought came to Jacobs mind as he found a big split branch to lay been how many years since ive had to sleep high up in a tree to escape predators?...

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 10:12 am
by Froggychum
((I don't know what happened, could someone explain to me what was changed? (If i did something wrong i aplogize, i did not mean to)))
Four hours after everyone had gone to sleep, Martin awoke to take his position at guard, he thanked Aydin for taking the first guard and took his scheduled position as second.
Nobody had offered to take third guard, so he would likely be tackling 8 hours. Wouldn't be too hard with all the resting spells around the place. He'd still get some sleep in the end. Martin assumed roland might have taken third guard but he had been oddly silent and looked like he was off and away from the campsite. Martin didn't blame him, figured it was no big deal. None of the other guys would have likely offered anything nice, they all kind of seemed like jerks, or maybe just less chivalrous. That sophie girl though, Martin did like her a fair bit... "God, i'm an idiot" he thought, "don't need that, i'm on a mission here" he thought, than laughed that he was even having this conversation with himself. For all he knew she was probably awake watching from the trees, seemed like something she would do.

Martin slumped down and half-closed his eyes, staying aware, but letting the sleep wards do their restful work.
Martin will take the next 8 hours unless anyone awaken to relieve him from his duties

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 12:06 pm
by TheDudeManJohn
(((we past it dont worry about it....i think all that happened is yah skimmed and missed a small detail....its days ago at this point lol so no worries....sorry for my gaps in posts)))
(also jacob took last watch lol....try not to skim :P)

"""""Jacob had ate out in the Wild when he returned he found Roland and mentioned something about the blatantly obvious camp.....and then went to the hunter Aydin and informed him he would be taking last watch and that even though everyone was still up and eating....he was going to go ahead and get some sleep.......and everyone then watches him walk out of the camp.....a few yards into the jungle....jumps up and climbs a tree......a thought came to Jacobs mind as he found a big split branch to lay been how many years since ive had to sleep high up in a tree to escape predators?..."""""

after about 8 hours of sleep Jacob awoke to his shift....stars bright in the sky and the fire still roaring......he yawned a bit and quietly made his way back into the place his hand on Martins shoulder......he probably startled Martin a seemed as if Martin wasn't even aware that he was the one covering last shift.....Jacob smiled a toothy smile....and just told him to relax....and go find himself some sleep.....Jacob sat at the fire for a bit...warming himself and poking at it......the after a bit....he stood and began to walk the camp.....he was really quiet......only trained ears would be able to pick his foot falls out from the other night sounds.....

The entire night passes with no real problems other than Sophia finally having enough of Schmidts snoring.....he had put his tent and such a lil to close to hers, unusual, and the sound dampeners did nothing for that horrid sound with her being that close.......she got up half way though Jacobs shift.....walked over......and gave Schmidt a swift KICK.....who then stopped snoring....for a bit.....and just rolled over.....guy slept like a rock.....she immediately spotted Jacob in his tree....waved at him....and made her way to the fire.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 2:55 pm
by Froggychum
Martin was relieved of his shift, it was true he had been unaware of Jacob taking last shift, he had just assumed... that things would continue as they were, he kind of didn't realize Jacob had said anything, in fact he was unsure what anybody had been saying for a while now...

"oh man," martin thought, "life is but a dream" he said, closing his eyes. He noticed the air was getting thicker along the campsite, and the sky was turning a nice pleasant pink color.. 'oh sunrise,' he thought but knew it absolutely was not, there were still 4 hours left.

Martins eyes closed and he had wild dreams where he was confused and saw everyone else in his campsite also confused.. People were acting as they would in real life.. except Schmidt, he was being a bit creepy.. what a odd guy.

"How long until i wake up" martin thought struggling immensely to roll over, or even to breathe, "oh don't worry about that.." a void told him..

'WHAT THE HELL' Martin screamed, shooting up in bed, everyone around him were suffocating, and the air had been turned a lush, fat purple. his eyes remained closed, sealed shut... Martin was terrified, but tried to keep focus, he screamed for help but his voice did not turn on, and the whimper crackle that escaped was silenced by force. He ran to Baled, who looked like death, he shook him and yelled. He could not wake him up. Goddammit.. Martin forged a magnet which slowly rotted, as if the mana that had forged it was being consumed into a sleep sleep sleep sleep

martin was tired again, and forgot his worries.. "no..." he thought dreamily,"i have to get up"

Martin shot up and forged a hot magnet with all his power, it cooled at a rate that no forge ever should... he realised there was dampening magic around him, he was not cold so it was not hydro-based.. or glacial.. he could hardily think all he knew to do was to burn Baled. He burned his arm with the searing magnet, putting the rest of the mana available to the suffocating camp into it. Baled awoke instantly, and as if time had replayed itself (though this had nothing to do with chronomancy, to be clear) the air was sucked into Baleds upturned eyelids and the air returned to normal, and all the wards and sleeping wards erupted, the air was cold, brisk and everyone was no longer tired from chemicals, and the cold air bit at them hard enough to wake most people up just by instinct (as to not freeze to death in sleep)

everyone had recovered, as Baled had taken the blunt force. Baled looked at martin and cried out "she's too strong" and fainted. He was stone cold and stone hard. Martin felt the mana being restored to the area, and tried to burn him again, but could not.

"WHO IS SHE?" he yelled, holding back tears.. but he knew the answer. All this time he had known. There was someone who was trying to stop them from arriving to her...

Martin knew know the person they were dealing with were over all mystics, and maybe even had multiple mancies. She had been a confirmed lunar mage, and a confirmed dream mage... what else? Martin stood shakily and realised it was now a few hours before noon, the day had faded away while nobody was able to stop it.

Martin stood and looked around, everyone was fine, and some even looked at Baled worriedly. Martin checked for a pulse as he knew how to do it. He was greeted by an utterly relieving and utterly terrifying pulse that sounded more like a devil whispering curses from inside his veins. Baled was comatose once again.

Martin stood up and went to tell Roland everything he knew, keeping near his friend.

Martin was thoroughly frightened

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:16 pm
by TheDudeManJohn
(and now we wait for good ole Greyson ;) )

A (blue) flame in the dark.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 7:18 pm
by Greyson
After Aydin was relieved of the watch by Martin, he headed straight for his tent. A few steps away from it though, he decided to rest near the river.
The air was much cooler near the water, and Aydin enjoyed cooling down after sitting by the fire for hours. He took a few more steps forward and noticed a slight change in his left arm. The shard stopped responding to Baleds wards. "I wonder if I'm out of the spell's area. Fine by me, I could do without that constant vibrating in my arm."

He grabbed some more incense from his rucksack and put it between his lips. Then he stuck his sword into the ground, leaned his shield against it, and put his rucksack down next to it. He sat down leaning on his shield, looking at the calm river just flowing undisturbed. He put his left index finger and thumb on the tip of the incense and thought of flame sparks. This was enough to create a small blue spark between his fingers and lit the incense. He didn't inhale it or anything but rather had it between his lips so he always had it with him when walking around.

It might have been dangerous to sleep outside of the magical wards, but Aydin didn't trust magical wards, to begin with. With the lack of magical pressure, Aydin fell asleep rather quickly.


When he woke up he was all alone in the darkness. "This can't be right..." he said, trying to find his bearing. He took a few careful steps forward and noticed that the ground must be solid stone but when he lit up a flame in his left palm he noticed that he was in a complete void. He could see nothing but himself. "What is going on here?" he asked himself, seemingly startled.
A cold feeling overcame him when he heard a female voice speaking to him.
"You won't stop me. Return home or suffer."
Aydin was looking around to figure out where the voice came from but it seemed to come from his own head. Then he noticed pairs of glowing red eyes coming out of nowhere quickly surrounding him, even converging on him. When they came closer, Aydin noticed that they were giant wolves.

He grabbed his sword and they started charging. Aydin fought off 4 or 5 wolves before they simply outnumbered him. In a last-ditch effort, Aydin channeled all his remaining energy into his left arm, engulfing his whole arm in blue flames. He slammed his fist into the ground as hard as he could and the flames spread throughout the entire void. His vision faded to black.


Covered in sweat and with a racing heart. "What was that!" he shouted inside his head. "We need to get going... we need to... stop whatever was causing this."
He noticed that it was already a few hours before noon, grabbed his gear and rushed back into the camp.

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 21, 2018 10:29 am
by Froggychum
Martin had helped organize the rest of the camp and given all the information he had... people were pretty anxious all around, and they would have to wait for Roland's signal, were they to continue this trek or not? Martin for one was still determined, as a hot-headed stubborn forge mage would be (so in other words an average forge mage), but he knew there would be people who would rather stop from cowardice, likely that god-damned alchemist, Martin strongly disliked this guy. He figured Schmidt had been acting weird not for any particular reason rather than wanting to have some fun while he thought everyone else wouldn't figure it out. Pervert.

Martin had tasked himself with doing role call, and after he finished he retallied and realised Aydin was not here , he was about to inform Roland when Aydin came bursting in... "That's odd... we were all sleeping in the campsite..." he thought, "wait... didn't he go off to the river...?" Martin was unsure, that damn dream magic can really make a hellish mess out of your memories... He was about to greet Aydin but he realised be looked kind of scared, if Aydin had seen the same things they did that meant that their enemies magic was even strnger, if it was something different, well then that was something else certainly worse...

Martin greeted Aydin when he arrived, and told him what they knew and what had happened to them last night, as well as asking him what was wrong, "You look like you've seen a ghost, what's up?" Martin asked Aydin after giving him the story so far.