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Postby Buddster » Sun May 04, 2014 11:04 am

"Thirteen years ago, in the year 2017, the orbital space station fired almost it's entire payload of K.E.M missiles of the first and second level, obliterating everything from Los Angeles to San Diego. The area that used to be the West Coast is now known simply as "No Mans Land", an inhospitable wasteland of uncertainty, radiation and Federation troops...

The Federation.... All of South America banded under one name. Their goal - to invade and take over North America. We've been at war with the Feds ever since they launched those fucking missiles, always on the defensive.... We fought hard, we fought well, but the Federation proved too much, as we were slowly falling into the inevitable pit of loss... That was until they were formed....

The Ghosts... A team of the worlds strongest men and women, so secret that they don't even know of the other squad that comprises of the split-team. One team is Elias's, featuring some of the original Ghosts that were formed some fifteen years ago. We are the new squad, formed literally a few weeks ago... You're the best-of-the-best, guys, and that's why you were taken from doing patrols on the wall to this...

We're all we've got.... Let's do this...."

Okay, so now I'm going to be posting another topic... this one i think will be pretty cool if i do say so myself... In case you couldn't tell, or if you never played the game... this is a Ghosts RP. Sign up down here and I will notify you of when the game actually starts. (in game joiners are alright as well, but you still need a sign-up sheet filled out...) I will be assigning missions, and I just want to see what happens on the missions. I am your General of this squad, as I am also The Federation's troops on your missions. We will be doing an entirely new campaign that was never heard of, nor encountered in COD Ghosts. HAVE FUN!
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