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Blood of Oneiroi

Postby Morrigan52 » Sun Dec 02, 2012 4:34 am

Welcome to the Greek Rivers Research Facility! My name is Dr. Joseph Geras. 
Here, at Greek Rivers, we study the least understood form of sleep. Dreaming.
But not just any dreams. We study the most powerful of them.
If you are here today, you must have experienced something extraordinary. Dreams seeming to bleed into reality. Uncanny control over your sleep... Possibly even falling into someone else's?
You may be surprised to find that you are not alone. Throughout the decades, countless men and women and children have felt this stirring and have learned to seize it. To control it. We call these people the Oneiroi.
This is not some illness. Some malfunction in the brain. It is a gift. A gift from your oldest of ancestors. 
These gifts come in all shapes and forms. They differ between each dreamer. However, they fall into three very basic categories. The Phantaso, the Morpheum, and the Ikeli.
The Phantaso sleep soundly- "like a rock," some would say- in that they are completely paralyzed while sleeping. However, once awake, they may pull these wonders into reality. The world warps to their will. Provided they have the physical strength and stamina to do so. The stronger the body, the stronger the ability.
A member of the Morpheum category can drop to sleep at any moment, and wake himself a moment later. Or perhaps slumber for days. They have complete control over when and how long they sleep. Within dreams, they may travel deep into their own minds. Thoughts and memories may be revisited and examined down to the tiniest detail. Some of the greatest detectives in history were Morpheum. Unfortunately, the Morpheum are only observers, and lack the ability to actually change anything.That power lies with the final category.
The Ikeli. While having no dreams on their own, an Ikeli has the ability to enter the dreams of another person. They may also change the components of the dreamscape. For better or for worse... Ikeli, more often than not, have weak constitutions. Their bodies are often neglected in pursuit of strengthening the mind. Leaving a body vacant also causes great harm to it. which is why the more often an Ikeli uses their ability, the more their body deteriorates.
Here we study these dreams, these abilities, these people, so that we may understand them. Here we teach and study their techniques, so that we may train future generations of Oneiroi to better control their gifts.
Those of you that have never experienced these dreams will scoff, call me a quack, and be on your merry way. But some of you, those that have, those that may need this program... I hope that you stay. I hope that you'll enroll in our program.
The enrollment is simple. All we need is your name, age and simple descriptions of your appearance, personality, and gifts. Maybe even some background information if you're willing to provide it.
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Re: Blood of Oneiroi

Postby Morrigan52 » Sun Dec 02, 2012 5:01 am

Greek Rivers Research Facility
Oneiroi Project Case Files


Doctor Joseph H. Geras
Age: Unknown
Appearance: Like a wise old wizard. His thin frame is hunched over a knobby cane. He has white hair, bushy eyebrows and kind eyes. He always looks like he's about to smile through his thick beard.
Personality: Doesn't particularly care what anyone thinks. His words are blunt but not unkind. He always seems to know exactly what to say. Eccentic, quirky, often lazy. Likes to make his assistant do his paperwork. Including writing his profile for the research files. I don't think he even reads these things.
Abilities: Unknown
Background: Unknown


Levi Tovermann
Age: 19
Appearance: short, pale, black hair with blue tips, four dragon shaped piercings in each ear. Dark clothes
Personality: smart, cunning, cynical
Abilities: Ikeli, I guess. I can make people have nightmares. See things they're afraid of.
Background: none of your business, old man.

Dexter O'Connor
Age: looks 15
Appearance: Tall and built.....short black hair(military cut), green eyes......looks like a kid who plays sports specifically foot ball.
Personality: withdrawn....disconnected....not all there.....mind tends to a day dreamer
Abilities: Phantaso.....atleast thats what the doctor says.....i dont think so...i.....i just want to go home.
Background: I woke up from a coma and ive been in this hospital for years....but just awoke a few days ago....and im now sitting in on the meeting....i was very physically active back in school....track and field, foot ball, swim team, wrestling and weight lifting.....were my choices.....

Dalton Brown
Age: 17
Appearance: Average height, messy blond hair, blue eyes, tanned skin. Wearing a pair of cargo pants, a black pair of Etnies skate shoes, a black t-shirt, and a bright white button jacket with a large hood that can completely conceal his face. With him he also has a skateboard bag with a teddy ear lashed onto the back.
Personality: skidish and paranoid, to the point he is literally scared of his own shadow (and everyone else's) but easily angered and willing to fight.
Abilities: Phantaso, no thinking needed.
Background: Not worth the effort
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ASDF-ville inhabitant
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Re: Blood of Oneiroi

Postby Morrigan52 » Mon Dec 03, 2012 2:46 pm

Levi watched the other attendees file past, eager to leave, murmuring to each other about crazy old men. He couldn't seem to stand. It was like he couldn't bear to leave the cheap, folding chair that was in line with the other cheap, folding chairs.
Standing would mean turning his back on his own reason. It would mean ignoring the lifetime of dreamless nights. All except the one time he had tried to spend the night with a girlfriend in high school. They had both been awakened by her crying out.
Underneath his seat, Levi grabbed the papers and complimentary pen. The form wasn't too difficult. It was all simple information. He was intentionally gruff, didn't want them thinking he was too excited.
Dr. Geras tapped his cane on the floor absently. Soon, the only ones left in the room would be those willing to enroll. He had promised himself not to peek at the audience until then.
He whistled a tune, tugged on his beard, straightened his tie, and did generally anything to take his mind off of the people in front of him.
Hopefully there would be a good number of kids. Adults were often too stubborn to learn, too set in their ways. Not to mention, it made Geras feel better knowing the next generation would benefit from his long years. Old men are like that.
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ASDF-ville inhabitant
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Re: Blood of Oneiroi

Postby TheDudeManJohn » Fri Dec 07, 2012 12:45 pm

Dex sat at the very front......he had been instructed to do so by one of the nurses.....he filled out his sheet of paper....but for most of the lecture, though informative,.....Dex's mind had been wandering.....thinking of this or that.....wondering what tomorrow would hold......Dex was done thinking about anything much further a head than tomorrow......for his whole life...everything he had known.......had changed drastically......and all he could remember was going to sleep in his bed.......and waking up in a hospital bed not but a few days ago......apparently he had had severe head trauma in a car accident......and something about a coma.....Dex didnt like thinking about it....when he did he cried and longed for his parents......'stop it Dex!.....they arnt coming back.....and this doctor is going to help you get your life back'.......the last thing Dex wanted was for the other people in this program to see him cry.....he was a tough guy......not a big baby......Dex took a deep breath.....and rejoined reality, noticing the meeting was done....and everyone had started fileing out of the room.....except for a few....still sitting in their seats......Dex's leg began to shake, a nervous habit....something he had done since he was a kid......and now he waited.....for further instructions from the doctor.....
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Re: Blood of Oneiroi

Postby Guilty_Ninja » Mon Dec 10, 2012 2:17 pm

Dalton a few chairs down from the boy in the dark clothes. He wondered what his story was. Why was he not going to leave. Why wasn't Dalton leaving. Well that was a simple one. He had no where else to go. He didn't want to go back to the orphanage. And he definintly didn't want to spend another night in an alley. Especially with how cold it's been. Plus maybe this old man could help him....
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